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'Rubber Band Bracelets'!

A common complaint I hear from grieving moms is the difficulty in going about their daily lives and seeing pregnant woman or families with babies. What is hard to remember is that often we are also seeing moms who have had babies die. What if there was a symbol so that we could recognize each other and not feel so alone? The feedback I have had is that dads are wearing these as well. They are very similar to the yellow 'lance armstrong' bracelets, but with different wording.


ORIGINAL bracelets are White, and debossed with the words "Remembering Our Babies". They also have a small baby feet symbol. These are an adult size. They are 8.5 inches measured around the bracelet. Prices include US or Canadian shipping 

One white debossed bracelet (adult size). $5   Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free 
and secure!

Ten pack of white debossed bracelets (adult size). $35  Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free 
and secure!


PINK/BLUE SWIRL bracelets are SMALLER youth size for women with small wrists or for siblings. These say REMEMBERING and have the baby feet logo. They are 7.5 inches measured around the bracelet. Prices include US or Canada shipping. 

One pink/blue swirled debossed bracelet (youth size). $5 

Ten pack of pink/blue swirled debossed bracelets (youth size). $35 

Perfect for support groups, mementos for memory walks, or to use in fundraising. Bulk pricing is available, please email me at I try to keep a quantity in stock but may need to reorder depending on demand. Pricing is as follows: 100-299 bracelets are $2 each. 300-499 bracelets are 1.80 each. 500+ bracelets are 1.50 each. You may mix quantities of white (large) and pink/blue (small) bracelets in counts of 50 (ie. 50 swirl and 150 white)

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and secure!

Car Magnets & Window Clings

CLEARANCE- I am selling the remainder of my stock of car magnet ribbons at a discounted price of $10 each  (includes shipping). Once these are gone I will not be reordering. I have very limited quantities left- be sure to let me know which one you want. Thanks!

These car magnets are approx 4x6 and contour cut to the ribbon shape. 

Aunt of an Angel car magnet 

Family of an Angel car magnet 

Grandma of an Angel car magnet 

Grandpa of an Angel car magnet 

Mommy of Twin Angels car magnet   

Mommy of Two Angels car magnet

Remembering our Angels car magnet  

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To order T-Shirts, buttons, magnets, baseball caps, teddy bears and other items with pregnancy loss awareness ribbon logos visit my site on Logos for these items include "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness", "Mommy of an Angel', "Daddy of an Angel", "Aunt/Uncle of an Angel", "Brother/Sister of an Angel" , "Grandparents of an Angel" and many others. If you don't see what you are looking for send me an email and I may be able to add it for you. All logos are available on all items at the cafepress site.

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